Kelly Goodsir
Workshop Presenter

Kelly Goodsir is the Managing Director of KG Learning, a professional learning company that focus’ on improving pedagogical practice through strategic educational change in early childhood education.  Although her mum would say her teaching career began at the young age of 4 she has been engaged with the early childhood sector formally for 20 years across both Australian and New Zealand contexts.

Kelly has dedicated her career to her own and others development of pedagogy, learning and educational leadership and believes whole heartedly that through ‘thinking and learning collaboratively’ anything is possible. You will be drawn to Kelly’s creative inspiration, her ability to make the complex simple and her unwavering advocacy for upholding children’s, families’ and educators’ rights.  

Kelly invites you into thinking deeply about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of teaching and leadership whilst compelling us to connect wisdom and courage in all that we do.

Workshop Topic
Leading with Purpose: Creating a shadow of the future

Leading with purpose means leaders must have a deeper awareness of what they say and do today and the impact this will have tomorrow. Creating the conditions for your team to ‘think big’ means fostering an organisational culture that embraces curiosity, mistakes and autonomy. Leadership is perhaps more about letting go and letting others? Often this is easier said than done.

Leaders who listen deeply and pay attention to the psychological safety of their teams embrace a level of uncertainty and create the conditions for trust, innovation and inventiveness. We will explore what this means in our day to day practice as early childhood leaders and the possibilities it can open up for your team and your organisation.

What shadows of the future are being created through your leadership today? Do they match your reality?