Anthony Semann
Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter

Anthony Semann is primarily a presenter and researcher. His ability to deliver inspirational conference key notes and facilitate innovative and transformative professional development programs is renowned. His background is in education, research and management – in government, corporate and community based organisations.

Anthony’s expertise as a researcher and his specialist knowledge of early education has seen him work across Australia, Asia, Europe, America, France and New Zealand. He has delivered hundreds of key notes and papers at conferences and over 15,000 professional development programs over the last 20 years. Anthony challenges organisations and people. He asks them to reflect. To ask how their communication, their leadership, their values, their relationships and their workplace culture and diversity affect what they do.

He asks them to reflect because it is these things that affect their services, businesses and ultimately the community.

Keynote Topic
Reflection in action: Being critical on our practice

To be reflective is to induce a form of awkwardness into our lived experience and in doing so to transform both ourselves and our practices. However, this is no easy task and requires courage and a willingness to be disturbed. To scale this up into an early childhood program and include reflection as part of the programs DNA is a skill. How might we reflect in a way that leads to transformation and how might we create a culture where reflection is seen as growth rather then critique of self? These questions and more will be explored in this keynote presentation.

Workshop Topic
Debating the undebatable: celebrations in early childhood

Should we or should we not cease events such as fathers and mothers day? What about Easter? The questions related to celebrations is early childhood education can bring to the surface some challenging yet necessary debates and emotions. Deciding what we should include and what we
shouldn’t requires a level of deep reflection and analysis, and isn’t as simple as banning a celebration or significant event. In this presentation we will tackle the hard questions related to the role of celebrations in early childhood and if they remain how they might be integrated into the curriculum.